4 Vintage Touches You Need In Your Home

There’s something so special and timeless about vintage décor. Unlike modern décor that’s about angles and minimalism, vintage décor is more over the top and intricate. Vintage touches can be incorporated into any interior style to add more character to the space.

Here are some vintage flairs to add to your home:

Vintage lighting

Use lighting fixtures as a way to bring vintage style into your home. There are plenty of cost-effective vintage lighting fixtures you can get your hands on in the form of lamps, Victorian lights, miniature chandeliers, light shades, etc. Don’t rely on these fixtures as a primary source of lighting for your home, they are just an accessory and aren’t as bright. If you opt for a traditional lampshade, you can change them out regularly since they are quite cheap and easy to find.

Antique frames

Change up the frames around your house for a more vintage theme. Vintage frames make an ordinary picture look extraordinary. You can even invest in a decorative mirror with an antique frame. Spray paint them to match your home. Gold, rose gold, dull gold, and mint are perfect for that vintage vibe.

Distressed wood furniture

To achieve the vintage aesthetic in your home, you don’t always have to get expensive décor or resort to intricate hand-me-downs. Furniture pieces in distressed wood can also help achieve a similar look. A distressed wood library ladder, for example, can be used as a décor piece in your home.

Tile stickers in the kitchen and bathroom

You can also give a vintage touch to your kitchen and bathrooms with tile stickers. They're easy to apply and can completely transform an area. Change up the kitchen backsplash with these tile decals. They can also be used on bathroom tiles, whether you want to apply them to the area near the sink, shower, shower floor, etc.

Vintage-inspired bathroom.

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