7 Elements of Interior Designing For Your Home

Interior designing is the art of creating an illusion by balancing the seven essential elements effectively — including colour, form, light, line, pattern, texture, and space. So if you've been in a home décor rut lately, this piece is to help you at master home decorating:

1. Colour

The colour decides the mood and feel of a space, which makes it more than just an aesthetic choice. Apart from your visual preferences when selecting a colour scheme, you must project the energy and attitude you wish to cultivate.

2. Form

Also known as shape, the form is a definition for contours of furniture and artwork. 3D objects can take up two forms: (1) organic form (that is natural, irregular with abstract shapes) and (2) geometric form (that is sharp and edgy).

3. Light

Lighting has great power that can affect our perception. High-quality lighting is integral to all spaces, whether natural or otherwise. When choosing a light for the room, consider the colour and intensity of the light.

4. Line

Lines can be vertical, horizontal, or dynamic. Vertical lines (moving up and down) are bold and expressive, while horizontal lines (moving side to side) establish a sense of security. Lastly, dynamic lines (that express motion, for example, zigzag) add an element of fun when used strategically.

5. Pattern

The repetition of lines, forms, or other design elements creates a pattern that can appear anywhere around the home. Although patterns add life and motion to space, the use of clashing patterns can create chaos.

6. Texture

The texture is the way a surface or an object feels to touch and also the sense it gives off when being observed. The texture is a critical consideration for parts of your home that you remain in contact with frequently, such as the floor.

7. Space

The heart of every design decision is the amount of space provided. A 2D space accounts for the length and width of a room, while a 3D space covers height. It's important to leave out negative space or enough empty space to allow easy navigation across the room.

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