A Guide To Creating A Boho-Inspired Bedroom

There’s something so beautiful and calming about the minimalistic aesthetic of the boho style. The bohemian home trend has been popular for many years now. There are many ways to achieve a bohemian look in your bedroom, and the best part is that you can add your personal touch by adding pieces that are meaningful to you.

Here’s our quick guide to creating a bohemian bedroom:

What is boho-style décor?

Before we can begin exploring how you can create a boho-inspired space for yourself, it’s important to understand what boho décor is. It’s mainly all about creating a comfortable space where you want to relax. A space that feels welcoming and lived in, with loads of various comfortable textures. Your aim should be to create a space for yourself where you feel at home, not to recreate an image you’ve seen on Pinterest.

A warm colour palette

Bohemian-inspired décor is usually warm-toned. There’s a lot of white, cream, and off-white incorporated into the décor, along with various wooden finishes and unrefined fabrics. For textiles around your room, small prints in a warm colour palette work really well, whether they are geometric prints or more flowing designs.

A reading corner in the bedroom

Loads of textures

Along with the colour palette of the room, try to incorporate various textures where possible. You can do this by incorporating various area rugs in your bedroom. Persian and Turkish rugs are ideal. Weaved baskets make a great piece of décor as well. Use them to showcase your books, magazines, or even as planters. If you have a sofa or chair in your room, place a throw over it too.

Add some style to your walls

Use your wall space to express your boho style too. Tile decals are the perfect way to personalise the walls of the bedroom, particularly if you’re in a rented flat. Our tile stickers can be used to add a splash of colour and design to your room. We have many tile designs that would work perfectly with the boho theme.

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