Accent Colours For Black And White Interiors

Black and white is such a classic combination. It works well in fashion, interiors, makeup, etc. It always results in a timeless piece of work, and the possibilities are endless. Whether you love colour or not, black and white interiors can be designed to suit your preferences.

However, we always recommend a pop of colour in a black-and-white theme. It’s even better if you can change that pop of colour around the year depending on the season or your mood.

Here are some of our top accent colour recommendations for your black and white interiors:


Turquoise is such a versatile colour. It can be incorporated into vintage home decors as well as in modern and minimalist ones. By choosing turquoise as your pop of colour, there’s a lot more you can play around with. Turquoise sofas are quite common, along with rugs, vases, and wall art too.

Bright yellow

Bright yellow in a monochromatic space is a modern way to add colour to your home. It might take some getting used to, but for a minimalist space, a pop of bright yellow works brilliantly. You can do so with a couple of pieces of yellow furniture. If you want to make do with the furniture you already have, use yellow tile stickers on a coffee table and turn it into the focal point of the space. Invest in a rug that has black, white, or grey, with some yellow in it, or just change up the cushion covers for a quick way to change up the colours in your home.

A pop of green

For those who aren’t a fan of bright colours and accent colours, adding indoor plants can really help liven up a room. There’s something about adding a subtle hint of colour by using various plants with hues of green in a home. Make sure the plants are positioned correctly, so they get adequate sunlight. Succulents are great for smaller spaces, and larger plants are perfect for more open spaces around the house. If you’re into flowers, white floral arrangements with some greens will add a cosy feel to your space.

Dining area with a view. Dining area with a view

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