Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

Every person wants a comfortable bathroom with a touch of luxury. The bathroom should be a place you can relax in after a long day at work. It’s also the place you turn to when you want to pamper yourself and indulge in self-care. So, it’s important that your bathroom looks the part.

While bathroom remodelling is known to be expensive, there are a few ways to spruce up your bathroom on a budget:

Change the hardware

Changing the hardware around your bathroom might seem like such a small change, but you will be surprised at the effect of this small change. The hardware of a bathroom, i.e., the handles in the shower, cabinet hardware, sink faucet, and other taps are neglected. They develop rust and other forms of discoloration that can make your bathroom look dated. Instead, switch up the hardware. Opt for a rose gold, black, gun metal, or even a yellow gold to make your bathroom stand out.

Invest in a new hanging mirror

The hanging mirror above the sink on your toilet is rarely seen as an accessory in the bathroom. Invest in decorative mirrors instead to give a touch of luxury to the bathroom. They are cheap to buy and very easy to put up!

Add some fake (or real) greens

Some plants and flowers, whether real or fake, can breathe new life into your bathroom. If you have a monochromatic bathroom, in particular, or one’s that all white, plants, cacti, and even some blooms would make the space look more welcoming.

Monochromatic bathroom with plants

Play around with tile stickers

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “but what do I do if I want a more impactful bathroom makeover?” Well, for that, you can invest in tile stickers. These decals can be applied to the existing tiles in your bathroom to give them a unique look. They are quick and easy to apply and are pretty cost-effective too!

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