Customise Your Caravan

Owning a caravan can be a great idea for a family that loves to travel while on vacation. Having one givesyou the freedom to move about and travel whenever you want without having to make bookings for rooms or tickets. With rooms, bathroom facilities, and a kitchen with you on the move, you never need to worry about making stops or reaching hotels. All you need to do is get your family together and go to a holiday park or hit the open the road.

Many caravan owners will even customise their caravans to make it feel more comfortable and homier or to give it a more personalised look. One of the best ways to add a custom look is to add some vinyl vehicle graphics to the caravan.

What are Vehicle Graphics?

Graphics for caravans, which are also called motorhome graphics, are made out of vinyl polymers. Essentially working as vinyl stickers, they can be added to your caravan as artwork or design elements. Available in any shape, size, or colour that you might want, the vinyl stickers can be custom made to look how you want them to.

Caravan with van decals

These vinyl graphic stickers are easy to use. You simply position them over the window or area of the caravan where you want them placed and just remove the backside of the sticker. These stickers are a great way to make the caravan

Why Get Vinyl Stickers?

The vinyl stickers are very convenient for your caravan. If you’re someone who likes to customise things, then you also want to change the look of the caravan later on. The vinyl stickers are as easy to remove from the caravan as they’re to put on. You can peel them off with ease without worrying about the paint underneath being damaged or parts of the sticker staying on.

These are also very affordable and quite durable. Unless you decide to peel them off, the stickers will not come off by themselves. They’re generally resistant to tears and are waterproof, so they don’t take damage when you are driving around.

Environmental Benefits

On top of being convenient, the vinyl stickers are also better for the environment than other types of vehicle customisation. Paint jobs spread a lot of poisonous chemicals throughout the air, but the campervan graphics don’t have that problem.

If you do decide to get some camper van stickers, you can find some great sticker options in the UK by checking out the ones in our shop. We at Bolsover Design have a wide variety of not just van decals but also wall stickers and wall tile stickers.