How to Choose the Right Wall Stickers

An empty wall is like a blank canvas, and the countless possibilities available for decorating it can make us feel quite overwhelmed. It's rather tricky to choose just one colour, or pattern for your entire space, especially if you're indecisive or want your room to reflect your personality.

So, where should you start? The most sensible solution would be to opt for wall stickers. They're incredibly versatile, affordable, customizable, and easy to use.

Here's a guide to help you choose the right wall stickers that'll transform your space.

Get To Know Your Space

First, you need to determine where to place your wall sticker. That will help you decide which type of sticker would go along with the colour and texture of your wall. It'll also help you narrow down the designs that will go best with the aesthetic of your room. 

Measure The Size Of Your Wall

Measuring the size of your wall before placing an order can save you from the disappointment of not being able to use an eagerly awaited item. 

 Keep Calm And Eat A Cupcake Wall Art Decal Sticker

The prices of wall stickers also vary with sizes, so make sure to select the right size. You can also choose either tall wall stickers for vertical spaces or long stickers for horizontal areas, so estimate the appropriate size accordingly. 

Think About The Aesthetic

The wall stickers you choose will have an impact on the mood you intend to create. For example, a fun, colourful sticker will brighten up your space, a sticker with your favourite quote or symbol would help you feel inspired, and a cheeky sticker would give you and your guests a good laugh.

Similarly, choosing the right colour that blends in with the aesthetic of your space is essential. So, make sure you have various colour choices available.

Look Into The Material Options Available

Usually, wall stickers are made of removable peel and stick vinyl. The high-grade vinyl is easy to install, long-lasting, and totally removable.

Vinyl stickers are ideal for renters and homeowners who like to switch them up now and then. They're also affordable while having a high-quality feel. The clarity of the artwork is super crisp, and the colours are bright.

Consider Important Features

If you're concerned about keeping your wall stickers clean, try to look for waterproof ones for your convenience as they're easy to clean. They're also totally removable, so you don't have to worry about damaging your walls.

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