How to Choose Wall Decals?

Wall decals or wall stickers have grown a lot in popularity lately. They’re an easy and quick way to change the look of your room by adding a new design element.

Seeing how easy they are to apply and remove, and how cost-friendly they are, wall decals are a great way to personalize your own living space without needing to break your bank, or even committing to the look over the long term.

For these reasons, wall decals are especially appealing for young people who may be trying to redesign their rooms on a budget, or for people who live on rent and aren’t allowed to make design changes to the living space.

If you’re unsure about choosing the right wall decal, read on as we break down the essential considerations for you.

Where Do I Place the Wall Decals?

Before you decide what the look of the wall decal should be, try and figure out where the wall decal should go. Most people opt to get wall stickers fortheir bedrooms as it’s usually the best place to have a personalized space. For other people, the living room, or television room might be a better place if they want the wall art to be at a place where everyone can see it.

Butterfly sticker on the wall

Once you have your room decided, take in to account the available space on the walls and what their surroundings look like. Once you’ve decided on the wall you want the decal placed on, and have considered what the look of the rest of the room is, you can go ahead and pick out a design that matches the look.

Choosing Colours and Design

When you have the initial considerations in mind, try and think of how you can best incorporate the wall stickers into the chosen space. You’ll have to get a design and colour palette that flows with the rest of the room.

If the design in the room is minimalist, you might want to stick to duller colours and simple designs. If there are a lot of blue elements in the room, then try a colour that complements it. Look at examples and get a good idea of what will work in your space.

Getting the Right Decals

Once you have the idea of design and space down, you can then get the decals you want to put up. You can begin by taking a look through our collections to see which of the various, fun, wall stickers suit your needs. You can also get in touch for tile stickers or vehicle graphics.