How to Pimp Up Your Ride

Decals are frequently used to advertise and promote businesses. But, personalized decals are also a great way to make your vehicle stand out. There are a wide variety of vehicle graphics available that are perfect for giving a unique look to a range of cars and vehicles.

Applying decals requires patience, but it also allows you to save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Here are some of our top tips to make your job easier.


Clean the surface before installing

Cleaning the surface where you want to apply your decal is extremely crucial. Applying the decal on a dirty or greasy surface will compromise the adhesive.

You don't need any fancy cleaning solution. A soft cloth and mild cleaner will do the job just fine. However,  read the description of your cleaner carefully because some act as waxes to make your vehicle shine. The residue from such cleaners doesn't allow the decal to stick properly, so make sure that you rinse the area thoroughly.


Decide On A Location

Next, you should choose the ideal place where you want to stick your decal. To give a personalized feel and modern look, you can choose to place the decals on any exterior or interior surface. The most common locations that make your vehicle look more attractive are windows, bumpers, tires.


Position The Decal Accurately 

Remember to remove only a portion of the backing at a time. Place one corner of the decal down and slowly remove the backing as you go. Smooth out the decal to the other side until it is completely placed.

Motorhome horsebox caravan campervan decal vinyl graphics kit design

You can also use tape as a guide so that your decal is precisely placed. Also, ensure that the decal is pulled tight while pressing it on the surface to prevent any bubbles. You can also smooth it out using a straight tool like a ruler.


Personalize Your Vehicle With Amazing Graphics

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