Keeping It Together: Why Wall Art Matters

We often deal with wall art as the very last element. Long after the paint has dried and the furniture has been arranged. When done right, walk art can provide for the whole of the room. Here's how you can thoughtfully incorporate wall art into your space to take your interior design up a notch:

An instant colour palette

One of the most daunting facets of having to design any interior is having to choose a colour palette, thanks to the endless number of shades paints now have to offer. So instead of going forth with paint chips in an attempt to fit your vision for the space, try searching for wall art instead.

Once you've found a wall art you absolutely love, pick out three colours from it to incorporate into your decor. Tip: pick one dominant shade and the rest as accents.

 Wall art stickers

A focal point

Just as an artist strives to introduce a single eye-capturing design element into his drawing, each room must have a definitive focal point. You guessed it; wall art could easily fill this position! Just be particular about the size of the wall art - anything too big would feel as if it were spilling over, whereas the bulkier furniture pieces could dwarf anything too small. Tip: take measurements of your wall space to ensure the room you have at your disposal to stick on the wall art without looking chaotic.

The finishing touch

Think about the messiest interiors you've seen. The chances are that the space appeared a little unfinished or rough around the edges had white walls and no wall art. It may appear extra, but wall art is truly an element that binds the space together to make it feel whole.

If you've already defined the decorating style of the room, pick a piece of art that best compliments your aesthetics. Remember to invest a little, if not a lot, on picking the right piece - putting your room on an interior design magazine may not be your cup of tea, but you should definitely feel content with the masterpiece on your wall for the years to come.

A sense of texture

Wall art can exist as two or three-dimensional elements. Variety in the mediums helps bring about a sense of texture into the space. So throw in the extra bit of texture for adding onto the visual weight of your interiors.

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