Out with the Old, in with the New: How Wall Art Stickers Replaced Hangings

If you look at old paintings, you’ll find that wall hangings used to be a popular home décor element back in the day. You will also have noticed how that went slowly out of fashion. But that does not mean that people lost interest in wall art.

So what happened? Why did wall hangings go out of style?And what replaced them?

Wall Stickers in, Wall Hangings Out

Wall hangings, while popular at one point in time, lost their “cool” eventually—and more so because they became very . . . in common language, lame. Remember how that ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ became a running joke? To the point where people started saying that they would yeet if they ever saw that wall hanging in a woman’s house?

wall hangings

Sure, it’s a little sexist, but it also explains the beginning of the end for wall hangings. People, at one point, just decided that they didn’t like those hangings with things written on them, and they weren’t good enough anymore. The point is, these wall hangings got a lot lazier.

What came in was wall stickers: more fun, with a greater avenue for freedom, and a lot more modern.

Why Wall Stickers Are So Popular

Wall stickers bring with them a lot of newness. One of the reasons they are so popular is that they are easier and cheaper to produce, which also means that they are cheaper to buy. This makes them more affordable and accessible for the regular customerin the UK and elsewhere.

Then, they are also less of a hassle. With a wall hanging, you have to hammer a nail into the wall and make sure that it will be enough to sustain the weight of the hanging. Then, you must also make sure that they won’t fall or be an obstruction to people walking by. Wall stickers make all of this a nonissue. All you have to do is stick them on. They go on the wall, don’t propel or jut out, and are the easiest thing as home décor.

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