Personalize Your Space: The Good and the Bad in Wall Stickers for the Bedroom

Are you tired of boring walls? Painting or installing wallpapers isn't always as pocket-friendly of an option. So, why not consider putting up wall stickers (or decals) as an element for decoration? They're a great solution to temporary interior decorations that are sure to cheer up your bedroom space.

What Is A Wall Decal?

Wall decals are typically made using thin vinyl, where the front side is printed while the back end is made to cling onto a flat surface.

A boring bedroom wall

Pros of Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are pretty easy to install —peel off the film and stick onto a clean surface. The designs are only limited by imagination — best to put it out there in case you already started picturing some awful buttery or Spiderman stickers. They're self-adhesive and a whole lot stickier than those with transfer films. In case your landlord doesn't allow you to repaint, you'd be happy to know that wall stickers are reasonably easy to remove from a painted surface. The options for customization are nowhere near limited — there are several vibrant colors to choose from, giving your space the right aesthetic and character. Moreover, they rarely curl up or fall off, making them much safer than wall hangings.


Essential Considerations to Make For Wall Stickers

A decal is a powerful element as it can quickly become the focal point of the room it's installed in. Refrain from adding oversized stickers in a room that's filled with oversized furniture. Alternatively, while choosing the color and texture of the decal, you'll want to make sure it complements and further enhances the aura of your room — anything too bright may clash with other prominent objects in the room.

Installation of Wall Stickers

The ideal location for a wall art sticker is one that is farthest from other objects in the room. So, take out your measuring tape and get to sticking! If you messed up a tad bit, remove the non-permanent sticker and relocate to a safer location. However, avoid placing them under direct sunlight as they may pucker, shrink or fade over time.

Where to Purchase Wall Stickers?

Bolsover Designs is an online store for wall stickers that you can stick on walls around the house. You can order dedicated wall stickers for bedroom and living room spaces, and we'll customize them in whichever size you want. You can mix and match them too for more depth.

 Tile stickers from Bolsover Designs

Additionally, we make the best kitchen and bathroom tile stickers here in the UK that are manufactured as waterproof tile stickers in mosaic or azulejo. When you thought things couldn't get any better, there are vehicle graphics too!