Revamp Your University Dorm/ Accommodation To Reflect Your Personal Style

Moving out to attend university is a major milestone in the life of a student. It’s your first real taste of independence and real responsibilities as it teaches you many valuable lessons. You have to learn how to manage your time, money, and space.

Personalising the university accommodation is one of the most exciting things about moving out. You finally have an entire space to yourself that you are responsible for and can manage however you like. But since it’s a rented space, you can’t make major changes to the area, which can make personalising it quite difficult.

Here are some ways you can revamp your university accommodation to make it your own:

Focus on your priorities

A university dorm is a usually a tight space. You don’t have the luxury of having too much space to play around with. With limited space on hand, you have to determine your priorities for your room. By that we mean you need a comfortable space to study—a space where you won’t get distracted or disturbed. Another priority is a comfortable place to sleep in. Once these two areas are set up, you move on to décor.

Look for inspiration

You could opt for a similar theme for your university accommodation like back home or use this as a chance to try something different. Determine what kind of style best suits you, whether you like a bohemian vibe, minimalist aesthetic, or a vintage style. Once you have that down to a t, look for inspiration.

A university student in her rented flat.

Make the most of the walls and windows

Since there’s limited floor space in a dorm, utilise the bare walls and windows for décor to personalise the space. Use wall art or tile stickers to breathe new life into the walls of the flat. They don’t damage the walls and are easy to apply too. The tile stickers can be used on furniture as well.

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