Why Mosaic Stickers Are Getting Popular

Some of us have had the same tiles for decades because, let's face it, changing them would mean spending an exorbitant amount of money. Tiles also stay in good condition for a long time, and since retiling is a huge task, we can't really justify tearing them down whenever we want to revamp our space. 

Fortunately, there are several options have to transform your dull space, of which the most affordable one is tile stickers. They're the ideal option, especially for those who are constantly redecorating.

Tile stickers an extremely clever choice, and since you might be considering them for your space, here are some reasons that make them so popular.

Variety of Patterns

Tile stickers come in a huge variety of designs and have limitless patterns, which helps you choose the most suitable ones for your home. You can make a statement with a bold pattern or get a minimalistic pattern to match your aesthetic.

A traditional pattern of mosaic tile stickers for kitchen tiles

Since they don't blow your budget, you can change them more frequently and keep up with the trend.

Easy Application

The process of applying tile stickers is remarkably simple. All you need to do is thoroughly clean your tiles using washing liquid to cut through the grease, as any leftover residue might compromise the adhesive. Then peel your sticker, position it in the center, and stick.

Pro tip: Flatten out from the middle to avoid forming any air bubbles.

Easy To Clean

Waterproof tile stickers are easy to clean and are suitable for both your kitchen and bathroom. Avoid using alcohol-based solutions because these will damage your prints.

Easy To Remove

If you end up choosing the wrong design that doesn't appeal to you, you can always peel them off easily without any repercussions.

If they're a bit difficult to remove, you can use a hairdryer or damp cloth to loosen the adhesive.


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