Personalised 3D American Truck Car Transporter For Bedroom Wall, 1,5m Long, Great For Boy's Bedroom

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We recommend watching the video that's below the main picture, so that you can see exactly what this item looks like

If you get your son this amazing car transporter model, he'll be amazed.

It is easily stuck to the bedroom wall with NO drilling required

It is held on the wall by Nano tape, a very strong tape that will hold forever.

The tape is already in place for you, all you have to do is remove the covering to reveal the sticky part.

It's  approx 1.5m long, so really decent in size and can hold at least 50 model cars

The American style truck has 2 large containers on the back, ach with the capability of holding 25 cars

The back transporter "cages" are laser cut from wood.

On the truck itself, you have the child's name. On the one that we have made as a sample, you can see "Jack's Transport"

If you purchase, leave a message at checkout, letting us know what name you want, in place of Jack

Extra containers, with lorry bed and wheels, can be purchased, if you want to make it longer than the 1.2m