3D Clock In Style Of Coca Cola Bottle Top With Actual Coke Bottle Tops In Place Of Hours

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We all know the name... Coca Cola or Coke for short

The most famous of soft drinks on a clock would make a great addition to any room or bar or mancave etc

This particular clock is made from wood and has actual bottle tops from Coke bottle, mounted where the hour marks are

The message around the middle can be anything you want, the wording that we have put on the one in the picture, is for example

If you want wording on it, just add the exact wording on checkout, where it gives you the chance to leave a message to us.

The clock can be bought in either 200mm diameter or 300mm diameter

The bottle tops may show slight signs where they have been used, but we go to great lengths to try and make sure that there are no dents in them.