3D Wall Clock "I Love Dogs" Many Breeds surrounding Clock Face. Bone, Heart, Battery Included

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Here, we have a wonderful 3D clock for dog lovers

It is laser cut in acrylic and has a black surround with white 3D features.

The black rear surround shape is lots of different dog breeds. facing different directions, bot above and below the clock face

Also at the bottom, the word DOGS, with small dogs inside the letters

On the left, there's a bone, with a white bone attached, giving it the 3D effect. 

On the right, there's a heart, with a white 3D heart attached, that has a black paw on it.

And in the centre, the white 3D clock face.

If you "read" it, it says "I (the bone) Love (the heart), Dogs" (the actual word)The overall size is approx 300mm x 300mm