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Available in a larger pair that measures approximately 500mm high by 325mm wide and a smaller pair that measures up to 250mm high and 163mm wide, this pair of vehicle graphics decals features a flying bald eagle with a circle-shaped American flag. These decals are a perfect gift idea for a patriot who loves their country, military men, or veterans in your life.

This vehicle graphic is a PAIR of Bald Eagles flying on a Stars and Stripes USA flag.

You could put them onto Vans, Motorhomes, Car Doors / Windows, anything at all that has a flat, smooth surface.

There's a choice of size. The larger pair measures 500mm high and 325mm wide. The smaller pair is 250mm high and 163mm wide.

One of them has the Eagle flying to the left and the other to the right. This is so that if put onto a vehicle each side, they will face the same way.

It's not difficult to put them on a smooth flat surface. You just need to be patient and follow the instructions below. We make several instruction videos. The one below shows another one of our decal stickers, but no matter what the subject is, the procedure is the same with them all.

So, don't be concerned it's a different eagle, you do the same procedure anyway. Here's the video, it last about 4 minutes: