Banksy Style Love Heart Balloon Girl Wall Art, Living Room Bedroom Window etc, 3 Sizes

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Extremely popular as one of the most loved wall arts etched into numerous homes, this wall art sticker features a little girl who is extending her hand towards a heart shape balloon. This heart-shaped balloon in this sticker represents innocence, hope, and love. Some people also use this pack of stickers to symbolize losing something important which is still within their grasp. Printed on high-quality vinyl, these stickers are waterproof, easy to install, and available in 3 sizes.

This is a Banksy style "Balloon Heart Girl" that can be stuck pretty much anywhere in your house as long as it is a smooth surface.

As long as the surface is smooth, clean and dry when you attempt to stick it to anything, it will stick. It is best not to try to stick it to a rough surface like brick, chipboard paper etc as it would start to peel.

It is cut from a high grade BLACK vinyl and it is waterproof. It will stay where you stick it until you are ready to peel it off (as long as above comments are followed).

It would look great anywhere in the house, it is a matter of where you want to put it. Again, as long as the surface is smooth, dry and clean.

You have a choice of sizes:

Small - 25cm Wide x 21cm High

Medium - 50cm Wide x 42cm High

Large - 100cm Wide x 84cm High

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