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This warning size serves more than one purpose

You let the person seeing it, aware that there is a dog present, that is prepared to protect its home

At the same time, you confirm your address at the top of the sign, so the visitor has confirmation that they are the correct dwelling

This is likely to put off anyone who may be up to no good, trying to break in or burgle etc, as each of the breeds is well known for its individual strengths

There are 4 dog breeds to choose from:

Doberman, German Shepherd, Pitbull or Rottweiler

They are available in 2 sizes, A5 (210mm x 147mm) and A4 (297mm a 210mm)


There are 9 colours to choose from, each one having one of the 4 dogs in the centre

You choose the Size of plaque you want, then the Colour, followed by the Dog Breed

When you go to checkout, towards the left of the page, you will see "Add note to the order". Click in that box and tell us the exact address that you want on your sign

This is a bespoke item, made to order