Clock In Style Of Coke Bottle Top With Actual Cocacola Bottle Tops In Place Of Hours

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This is a great fun clock for your house, garden bar, man cave etc

Its in the shape of a bottle top and the unusual thing is, the hour marks.

They are not numbers, but actual bottle tops from Cocacola bottles,

In the centre of the page, you will see a large picture of a glass of cola. This is printed directly onto the clock, so will not peel or fade.

You can buy the clock in 2 sizes, which are:

200mm diameter or 300mm diameter

This clock is for hanging on the wall, it has a hook on the rear mechanism

The clock hands may be a different colour to the ones shown in the pictures.

As the bottle tops are taken from actual Coke bottles, we are not breaking any copyright or tademark laws, we own them. The name is used for description purposes only. We do not claim to be selling an item made by Cocacola and we do not claim to be connected to them in any way.