Gloss Tile Stickers Transfers For 200mm x 100mm or 8 x 4 Inches Kitchen & Bathroom Tiles, Pack of 24 or 48 - 30+ Colours PL1

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These gloss tile stickers are not only functional, but they also hide all old unwanted discrepancies of your home’s walls. This pack of 24 or 48 gloss tile stickers is available in more than 30 colours, allowing you to get creative and have fun by adding a little bit of sparkle to complete the unique look you’re aiming to achieve. They offer exceptional durability while offering long-lasting sheen that will enliven the space.


*White blackout guarantees that no colour or pattern colours will show through. It is not a brilliant white.

Below, you can view a video.

The stickers are printed pattern ones, but all stickers are made of the same material, so are put on in the same way. 

This method is known as the "wet" way

You will also receive a paper instructions in your packet, showing the "dry" way.

Here's the video: