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Whether you’re a travel enthusiast or dream to explore your dream destinations around the globe, this pack of wall stickers can easily transport you to the world of glamour and chic! Available in 100mm x 100mm, 145mm x 145mm, 150mm x 150mm, and 200mm x 200mm, this pack of 8 tiles features Statue of Liberty, New York, Big Ben, and a Red Bus in London, Eiffel Tower of Paris, and the Colosseum in Rome.

This collection has 8 patterns—you have the choice to choose from 2 of each, all 8 of the same patterns, or mix and match.

Pack of EIGHT tile stickers, size available:

100mm x 100mm / 4 x 4 Inches

145mm x 145mm

150mm x 150mm / 6 x 6 Inches

200mm x 200mm x 8 x 8 Inches

Change the look of your kitchen or bathroom tiles with these easy to use stickers. Great for covering up old patterns or just changing the look of other tiles.

They are just stuck on (self adhesive, no use of water) and can also peel off if you want to go back to the original tiles. But, they don't peel of too easily, they stay on as long as you want them on.

It's a pack of 8 stickers, so you get 2 of each design. The designs are:

London, which has Big Ben and a Red Bus

New York, which has the Statue Of Liberty

Paris, which has the Eiffel Tower

Rome, which has the Colosseum

These stickers cover the whole tile. The background surrounding the design is white, Many stickers don't cover the whole tile, but these are printed onto rolls of white vinyl and once printed, the machine cuts them into the perfect square of 150mm x 150mm.

*Just before you watch the video, we have been asked several times if we can supply the squeegies. We do now supply them with felt on one edge to prevent damage to your tile stickers. Just search for "squeegie" on our site and you will see them.

Below, you can see how easy it is to put our stickers onto tiles. Although the stickers in the video are a different design, they are all made in the same way, with the same materials etc, so are put on in the same way: