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People say home renovations are a tricky, costly affair—but do they need to be? All you have to do is get a pack of mosaic tile stickers, in different or a combination of patterns—and you can DIY your kitchen or bathroom renovations on your own!

This collection has 12 patterns—you have the choice to choose from 2 of each, all 12 of the same patterns in 1 pack, or a pack of 24 with 2 of each.

Mosaic Tile stickers are an easy, low cost way to spruce up the look of your wall tiles.

Our mosaic tile stickers are different to others in one specific way. They block out any old pattern or colour that you are trying to cover.

99%+ of the tile stickers on the market are produced on white vinyl that is not opaque. In other words, when put on your tile, and colour or pattern on the tile, will show through the sticker.

Our mosaic tile stickers are guaranteed to block out any old patterns and colours that you are covering.

This collection has 12 patterns, so there's 2 of each pattern. You can choose a pack of 24 that has 2 of every pattern in it or you can choose any individual pattern and receive a pack of 24 of that one pattern only.

Choose the size of the tile sticker you want, click the dropdown under "Size"

Then choose your pattern choice by clicking on the "Pattern" dropdown.

We provide a printed instruction leaflet in your package. But we believe a video is much better for instructions, so, we have an instructions video below: